The Social Pollinators

Social Media, film creation, and distribution are now hopelessly intertwined and the three panelists gave their view on how to take advantage of this media revolution. Wendy Levy moderated the event that included the global VP of original programming at YouTube, VP product and marketing at Topspin Media, and the co founder of Kickstarter. The hopeful exuberance of all three media mavens burst forth as they promoted the digital adventure ahead.

All three men were frank about the challenges current and in the future particularly dealing with the monetization benefits versus traditional distribution avenues. Most were in agreement that the tipping point is coming and that the pioneers of online distribution as a primary form are already here and that there are already examples of moderate success. Social media is a primary tool to create this success. Being a gregarious self-promoter or putting together a strong marketing team was a common thread mentioned as keys to success using social media in film promotion.

The founder of kickstarter, Yancy, explained why the all-or-none funding was critical in film fundraising. Along that the thread Bob from Topspin media made the important distinction that they did not do social media marketing for you but provided a software platform for self-promotion and access to potential partners that could mutually benefit from promoting filmmakers material. Finally, Alex from Youtube’s original programming team gave us some insight in to the changing landscape of niche content and the new YouTube channel format’s potential to change the way people consume media. An enlightening evening, I think anyone at this panel would feel more confident experimenting with online distribution supported by social media knowing it is is the wave of the future or perhaps for the more ambitious the wave is breaking right now.


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