Sundance Film Review – The Pact

The Pact blends the fear of the unknown with slasher story in a suspenseful and riveting manner. Caity Lotz steals the show with her perfect straddling of both heroine and potential victim. The slow build up leaves one to question what is going on but allows for the significant payoff at the end of the film. Intentional or not this film captures the classic theme of duality found in some of the greatest horror flicks of our generation.

The director admittedly stated that Cronenberg and Carpenter were of great influence in his upbringing and love for the horror genre. This influence is masterfully crafted in McCarthy’s unconscious presentation of the dual nature theme that recurs throughout the film. His ability to present the supernatural in a terrifying and cathartic manner brought the audience to the edge of their seats in the climax of The Pact.

For the unlucky few who inopportunely left early in this film they missed out on the amazing acting, cinematography and screen craft that makes this film a sure horror hit for this year. One must not also ignore the amazing production design as the creepiness of the house was created in the muted tones of worn-down wallpaper that gave this film a vintage horror feel. Rather than rely on ultraviolence as the main thread to instill fear in this film accomplishes it cleverly using our fear of the dark, the unknown, foreshadowing and seat gripping suspense backed by a score that complements without overshadowing the other elements in the scene. If you indulge in the delights of independent horror that is independent without b movie factor then The Pact will be a rare delight to scare and surprise you.