Where to Get Caffeine

An essential part of festing for both Volunteers and filmgoers is filling up on your favorite choice beverage. There is a Starbucks located up the block from Yarrow. Warning the line gets long here during first weekend. So try the Starbucks inside Fresh Market right nearby or grab an energy drink here at the market. Also Java Cow on main is the spot to see and be seen while drinking a cup of Joe but the wait here can be even longer than the Starbucks. Worth it if you have one of those awesome grub stub vouchers that gets you a free meal. And here is a pic for the first of many caffeine pit stops. Gloves off to soak in the cups warmth.


Sundance Gear

So you want to know all the swag full-time volunteers get. Here is the lowdown.
1- awesome orange coat that converts into vest made by Kenneth Cole. These things are sure to prevent a hunting disaster or two in the future as well. Thanks mr. Cole for my current body warmth.
2- awesome smart phone friendly gloves made by timberland. it drove me crazy last year taking glove off every time i had to use phone. These bad @ss mittens have two finger capacitive touch and are remarkably easy to use on my iPhone that I am writing this blog post with.
3- brita water bottle with carrabiner. Handy for hydration you bet! It’s funny how dehydrated youcan get in subzero weather. I believe there are filling stations all over. Trust me you want to drink water. Yucky dry lips suck.
4-microfiber scarf similar to last years. Thanks Acura for this warm gift. Someday I will be able to afford buying the car to match.

That’s it for gear. Lots of other goodies too but that’s for another post.




Arriving at Sundance

I am in a shuttle heading towards a journey in year 2 of my volunteering at the Sundance Film festival. There is a snowy dusting covering the landscape. It’s sparse like the people who are here. And as the snow should soon fall blanketing the surroundings so shall the hordes fall from the sky to descend upon Park City. Film and decadence await the first weekend of hustle and bustle.

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